GRP-NDFP Joint Statement, signed during the October 6-9 peace talks


The second round of the Formal Peace Talks between the GRP and the NDFP was successfully held from October 6 to 9, 2016, through the kind facilitation of the Royal Norwegian government in Oslo, Norway. This Joint statement was signed during the closing ceremonies embodying the current status of the negotiations:

(1) Releases: after reviewing prior agreements regarding the releases of listed detainees by the NDFP, the GRP affirmed its commitment to work for these releases in expeditious and acceptable modes,

(2) Amnesty proclamation: the GRP panel informed the parties that the Amnesty proclamation has already been drafted and endorsed to the Office of the President. They then assured the NDFP panel that they wil receive a copy in due time,

(3) Meetings of the Reciprocal Working Committees on Social and Economic Reforms, Reciprocal Working Groups on Political and Constitutional Reforms, and Reciprocal Working Groups on the End of Hostilities and Disposition of Forces were held and respectively agreed on common (topic) outlines (annexed to the Joint Statement). Meetings of the Ceasefire Committees as well as the Joint Monitoring Committee under the Comprehensive Agreement for Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) were also held.

We look forward to the next round scheduled on the third week of January 2017 in a foreign neutral venue.



For a copy of the full statement, please click here:

GRP-NDFP joint statement (oct 2016)