Support for PH Peace Process

Jeeva Muhil Jeeva Muhil, Student Labor Action Coalition, USA

“A sincere commitment to peace encompasses not only the resumption of peace talks with the NDF but also addressing the true roots of armed conflict. Activists in the U.S. must agitate to end U.S. imperialism in the Philippines and support the Filipino people’s movement in their quest for liberation.”






Alexandra Griffin, Student, Wesleyan College USA  Alex Griffin

“Just peace means ending the violent militarization of Lumad schools
and other communities by the US-supported Armed Forces of the Philippines. At these schools and communities, students and educators do the vitally important work of learning to care for and defend the rights of their communities and environment, and they deserve to do that work with necessary resources and free from threat of violence.”





Abby Cunniff, Wesleyan Fossil Fuel Divest,    Abby Cunniff
DSN Lower New England, 

“Community stability is an incredibly important and necessary part of any compromise between political groups to attain a just peace. I hope that steady access to food, healthcare, and self-determination are prioritized as peace talks begin in the Philippines.”